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Real-3d studio in Wuppertal, is a one man independent studio since 2009 -.
Specialized in custom made 3d characters, Co-operating with other independent partners in the 3d industry we assist each other in Project Pipeline Integrity whenever it's necessary to meet a deadline.

Giora Eshkol the founder, is a fine artist by training, instructor (Painting, Drawing by Andrew Loomis, storyboard, 3d production pipeline, facial expressions, non-verbal communication, Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop.), and a 3d creator since 1993.

Real-3d studio - Wuppertal DE, 2014-.
Pixlvisn Media Academy - Köln. 2012-2017.Art, Storyboarding, drawing and Character design instructor.
Real-3d studio - Mönchengladbach DE, 2009-2014.
founder, Real-3D Studio - Tel Aviv IL, 2005-2009.
Maya instructor at Ascola-Memad Media Academy - Tel Aviv IL, 2002-2005.
Founded Real-3d studio - Tel Aviv IL, 2000-2009.

House of Moves - (The second Motion Capture studio in Los Angeles area) Giora Eshkol created rigged and modeled Bruce Willis for Activision/Sony game, Apocalypse, 1997-1998. Producers: Tom Tolls and Bert Gasaway.
TSi studio -(The first Motion Capture studio in Los Angeles are) Giora Eshkol created The Pillsbury Doughboy in 3d, and 3d game characters. 1996-1997. Producer: Alberto Menache.
Complete Post - Hollywood CA.-Giora Eshkol created animated logo of the 54th Golden Globe Awards. 1996. producers: Dan Felise and Dick Clark Productions.
The Post Group - Hollywood CA.-Giora Eshkol created animated titles for 2 Emmy awards, Motorola, Chrysler, Disney, Syracuse university. 1995. Producer: Mark Franco.
Real-3d Characters are Actors. Acting is Character Animation.
Real-3d stable, smooth, predictable production pipeline is important to producers and directors wishing to concentrate on story telling and distibution.
Real-3d is creating characters of the highest difficulties to produce, with relatively good results and getting better all the time.
Real-3d Characters can be bought, licensed or custom made commissioned. Credits and more info are available through LINKS