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As an artist and instructor I was always been puzzled by the word ART and it's meaning!
I realized that nothing is the same as it use to be, we human have always been evolved and so is our concept of art.
In the time of the great masters of the European Renaissance there was no known concept to art.
It was painting and sculpting abilities that counted in the eyes of the public and the patrons, and the best got more commissions and fame.

Being better in those days was to be able to paint and sculpt as realistically as possible.
There were few important issues to improve, among them was to understand human, animals and vegatation anatomy, to develope a better materials and techniques and to understand objects in 3 dimentional space aka perspective.
When this goals achived a satisfatory results , more issues and directions arised as evolution demanded progress.
By the beginning of the 20th century there was very little to improve on the Masters performance and so modern art was born.

Modern art is a contemporary attempts to find a new ways of doing things and the emphsis was shifted from creating objects of beauty and impression to a contravesial skilless creativity.
So intensive was the change that traditional painting and sculpting skills are no longer needed any more.
Today in the age of Internet and computer graphics, the new evolution is in the field of 3d animation as the next artistic/creative expression.
To be competitive in this new field, a new level of skills that the great masters never dreamed of must be aquired and it is no longer just being anatomically correct painting and sculpting what is counting, but also virtual 3d modeling, textures, materials, animation, body language, facial expressions, story telling, concepts, script writing, acting, photography, lighting, editing, special effects, group pipeline production and sound to mention a few.

This is a tremendous load on the current and futur artists in learning and practice, and being better is back!

Now there is a strong need again for highly skilled artists in drawing the human figure from memory, deep understanding of muscle deformation and rigging them to a perfect skeleton in order to transform the model into a reliable virtual actor or actress.

In this Art instruction tutorial I'm going to provid you with the neccessary skills to draw, paint, model and the use of digital media in such a way that you will retain those skills from memory without the use of photos or other references.

Giora Eshkol
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